About Us

Unruly Voices is an imprint of Paper Angel Press dedicated to helping your story be told and your words be heard.


Because your story deserves to be told.

It’s just that simple, right? Except it totally isn’t. Because sometimes, speaking your truth is confronting the world. What if you talk about life in all its gritty, messy, imperfect splendor, and there’s blowback? We at Unruly Voices believe that, to quote the impeccable Lois McMaster Bujold, you should “carry on imperfectly, shining one.”

Why us?

We’re here to help you do that.

Upon acceptance of your work, we will stand behind you, not only with world-class professional editorial, publishing, and marketing talent, but also with a community of other Unrulies. We recognize that it’s hard to tell your story and also keep an eye on the grammar, and we can help you with that. We’re here to stand behind you, as we believe that the telling of your tale brings the world one step closer to honesty, to integrity, and to alignment; one step closer to a better world.

Use your voice; tell your story.

Why the Raven?

The symbol of our Unruly Voices is the Morrigan’s raven. Think circle of life, birth, death. Rules over prophecy, sovereignty, war, and death. Also, not coincidentally, she looks out for bodies of water and those that travel upon them. Her open beak is telling you something.

And that is an unruly voice.