Laureen Hudson

Laureen is a professional editor, a writer, a scuba instructor, a sailor, a traveler, a birth advocate, a blogger, a website manager, an enthusiastic geek enabler, and an obsessive researcher who’s chiefly focused on, and delighted with, her husband Jason, her sons Rowan and Kestrel, and her daughter Aurora. She … [More]

Christy Diane Farr

My name is Christy Diane Farr and I am the unruly woman. It is my heart’s mission to help women change their lives.

What’s “normal” feels too formal and doesn’t capture the most powerful parts of my story. Yes, I have a degree. Yes, I went to school to … [More]

Leah RS Braun

Leah RS Braun is nearly always uncomfortable talking about herself, but is working hard on not dimming her light, because that kind of thing really doesn’t serve anyone.

Leah’s day job is Yoga Studio Owner/Intuitive Personal Trainer, and her very cute studio is on the western edge of Minneapolis. Leah … [More]

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