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Playing with Fury

Lisa Jacob

Modern poetry in antique forms.

This short book contains angry poetry in different forms. Most of the words are in common use, and they’re not meant for the reader to puzzle over, expressing simple themes of anger and loss.

Sestinas, Villanelles, and Angry Sonnets. Although the poems are in written using forms from the 18th century and beyond, they are simple to read and understand. No puns, no confusing alliteration. No weird words to equal the rhyme.

Cats, BFF, jerks, and everyday life are conveyed in this tiny book.

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Lisa Jacob

Lisa Jacob

Lisa Jacob started reading tarot cards at twelve, hiding them from her parents for more than 30 years. She was initiated in a Wiccan tradition, but eventually fell out of that "organized" religion, developing a more eclectic, Magical-based belief. She has summoned spirits, predicted the future, and assisted in the present.

With over 30 years of magical experience, using cards and candles, symbols and sigils, Lisa would like to pass her knowledge on to people who may not be magically inclined, but who are looking for that extra edge in their lives.

Lisa is also the author of Carnival Farm, Real Magic for Writers, and the "Grimaulkin" and "War Mage" fantasy series.

You can find out more about Lisa Jacob at her website, lajacob.com.

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