New Book Release: “Artisanal Gibberish” by Matthew Legare

Artisanal Gibberish

We are thrilled to announce the availability of the new edition of Artisanal Gibberish by Matthew Legare. Man vs. Poetry. Poetry may be ahead on points. Munificent musings on multiple matters, mainly manifesting in a literary litany of alliterative madness. It's poetry, if you squint … Initially inspired by the need to chase a monstrous sea creature around, Artisanal Gibberish is the manifestation of alliteration, assonance, homophonic wordplay which rattles around in Mr. Legare's head all … the … time … Artisanal Gibberish is perfect for leaving on the toilet tank in the bathroom, or gifting to your least beloved...

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Unruly Voices Welcomes the Voice of Author Matthew Legare

Matthew Legare

We are extremely pleased to be able to announce that we have officially signed an agreement with author Matthew Legare to publish the first two collections of his whimsical poetry, Artisanal Gibberish and More Artisanal Gibberish. Matthew Legare is what happens when you tell someone they can be anything they want to be — but provide no further guidance. A performer and creator of “stuff” since he was able to stand upright, he can check off the boxes for “actor”, “writer”, “director”, “renter of fishing boats”, “painter of bathrooms”, “wrangler of technology”, and a number of other jobs which look...

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The Best Gift for an Unruly Author

Leave a Review

During this holiday season, when you're looking for the perfect gift for that unruly author in your life, we have something that will fit any budget: Leave a review. There are a lot of important reasons why leaving reviews is vital to a book and author's success, but here is the most important one: Leave a review. The two most important places to leave reviews are Amazon and Goodreads. You can even leave the same review in both places! Did you know: You don't have to purchase the book on Amazon in order to leave a review? You can change...

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Join Us for the (Virtual) Book Launch of “Love on Fire” by Leah RS Braun

Love on Fire Virtual Launch Event

Join us for the (virtual) book launch event for Love on Fire: Practicing Embodied Intimacy After Sexual Trauma by Leah RS Braun. Register for the event here: Walk again with Leah RS Braun as she guides her readers through the swirling and often murky waters of recovery from sexual trauma. Love on Fire: Practicing Embodied Intimacy After Sexual Trauma is available now in hardcover, trade paperback, and digital editions. Signed editions are also available.

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