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New Book Release: “Artisanal Gibberish” by Matthew Legare

Artisanal Gibberish

We are thrilled to announce the availability of the new edition of Artisanal Gibberish by Matthew Legare.

Man vs. Poetry. Poetry may be ahead on points.

Munificent musings on multiple matters, mainly manifesting in a literary litany of alliterative madness. It’s poetry, if you squint …

Initially inspired by the need to chase a monstrous sea creature around, Artisanal Gibberish is the manifestation of alliteration, assonance, homophonic wordplay which rattles around in Mr. Legare’s head all … the … time …

Artisanal Gibberish is perfect for leaving on the toilet tank in the bathroom, or gifting to your least beloved relative.

Artisanal Gibberish is available in trade paperback and digital editions from most online booksellers. Signed editions are also available!

Join us on May 22, 2021 at 10:00am PST for a virtual launch event to celebrate the release of this new edition of Artisanal Gibberish.

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