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New Book Release: “Artisanal Gibberish II: Yet More Gibberish” by Matthew Legare

Artisanal Gibberish

We are thrilled to announce the immediate availability of Artisanal Gibberish II: Yet More Gibberish by Matthew Legare.

Man vs. Poetry: The struggle continues.

Wherein the author continues his struggle with the written word in this new volume of what some might call “poetry” … if they had low standards. You will find contained within further musings on such random topics as chickens, lumberjacks, parrots, planks, rental lodging, and how to die convincingly on stage.

Compiled (or maybe “accreted” is a better word) over the course of several years, Artisanal Gibberish II: Yet More Gibberish is the culmination of six years of University and a lifetime of experiences.

Artisanal Gibberish II: Yet More Gibberish is available in trade paperback and digital editions from most online booksellers. Signed editions are also available!

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