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Today, we launch

I am beyond delighted to announce the launch of Unruly Voices, an imprint of Paper Angel Press.

Unruly Voices started with Christy, of course. “Is Home Your Happy Place?” wasn’t really in the original vision Steven and I had for Paper Angel Press, but we knew we had to publish it. It was so transformative, so major, that we wanted to do our part to get it into the world. And here we are, years later, still selling it, because we believe in it.

Once that door opened, though, it’s like a message went out in the world. People have approached me with stories about all kinds of journeys; journeys of adventure, exploration, redemption, and revelation. People have sat me down and bought me a beverage, and told me the wildest, most inspirational and amazing tales, and I kept saying “This needs to be a book!” but I still didn’t really have a place for them. I could be all kinds of support, but I couldn’t be decisively practical about it.

That had to change. And so in brainstorming with Steven and Christy, Unruly Voices was born.

I’m so excited about the stories.

People have talked to me about journeys across the sea, experiences in advocacy, explorations of the mental landscape, transitions in gender, in family, in orientation, and in living. So diverse, but what they all have in common is that the teller finally decided to “speak their truth, even if their voice shakes.” (thank you to Maggie Kuhn for that.)

Behind me, is a whole team of people who are dedicated to the proposition that these stories should be out there.

  • Steven Radecki, of course, my partner in publication, through whom all things literary are possible.
  • Jason Hudson, my partner in life, who keeps the wheels rolling so that I can stay attached to my computer, working on this.
  • My children Rowan, Kestrel, and Aurora, who bring me tea and hugs and take me out for walks when it’s clear I need a break.
  • Karen Grant, who first encouraged me to publish the truth, even though I got suspended for doing it (Hilltop News, represent!)
  • JB Wheatley, who is always right there with the kind of witty support and beautiful imagery that keeps me heading the right direction, and inspired to keep moving.
  • Judith Alkema, who patiently helped me flip through the mythology and allegory of the world until I found my Morrigan.
  • Christy Farr, who is graciously allowing me to use the term “Unruly,” and whose book and the process of getting it was the foundation of making it happen.
  • Melanie Neale, who sat me down and gave me a life-changing lecture about the power of memoir to change the world, or at least a corner of it.

We’ve got so much planned to do in the next year. I’m so, so excited to share it all with you. Come tell your story …

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  1. Wishing you much success in this wonderful venture. I’m one of those with so many adventures and life experiences that everyone says “You need to write that story!”. Well; You’re inspiring me to do just that, and encouraging others.

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